Retractable Awning Vs. Fixed Frame Awning

What Type of Awning is Best for Your Home? Retractable or Fixed?

When buying an awning there are many options for design and material.  The two most common designs are a Lateral Arm Retractable Awning and Fixed Frame Awning. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Below are the key Pros and Cons for both.


Retractable Awning


  1. Functionality– Easily retract if you want sun light or shade with the push of a button!
  2. Low Maintenance- Awning stays up for winter, the arms fold up and retract under the hood.
  3. Powder Coated Frame- Powder Coated Aluminum Frames with Multiple color options.



  1. Stability- Lateral Arm System is not recommend in high wind areas.
  2. Water- Not recommended to have out in heavy rain (will collect on top of awning).
  3. Customization– Retractable Awnings must be mounted on straight flat surface (fixed you can have angles, bump-outs, and step backs.

 Fixed Frame Awning 


  1. Stability- Fixed Frame Awnings are great in high wind areas (made of heavy duty steel frame).
  2.  All Weather Product- Designed to keep rain and sun out of deck or patio area.
  3. Add Side Drop Curtains- Easily add drop curtains for privacy or sun/weather protection.
  4. Tighter Fit-  Fixed Awnings are laced onto the frame creating a tighter fit then a Retractable Awning.
  5. Less Expensive- Generally Fixed Frame awnings are less expensive then Retractable Awnings.


  1. Maintenance- Must be taken down for winter and stored (Cost Roughly $300 per year for service)
  2. More Exposure- more exposure to elements can cause more dirt or mildew over time.

At the end of the day, you make the final decision when buying an awning. What product do you think is best for your home?

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