Picking a Color

Choosing an color can be a stressful decision to make with the wide range of colors and patterns. At the end of the day the color is your decision and you should pick something you and your family will like for many years to come! Here are some helpful tips to consider when you are picking your awning color.

What colors last the longest?
  • Darker Colors (Black, Blues, Greens, Dark Greys)

Darker colors last longer because they have more UV Protection from the sun . The sunlight will penetrate through a lighter color more then a dark color. This will wear down the material over time Example: If you have a black and white striped awning the first place it will tear is the white.

What Colors Show less Dirt/Mildew?
  • Browns, Greens, Blacks, Dark Greys, etc (Anything Dark).

Awning cleaning can be expensive and excessive. Pick one of the above colors to steer clear of awning cleaning.

What Colors Fade More?
  • Reds, Burgundys, and Oranges tend to fade the fastest.

The Color Pigment in the fabric is the main factor for fading.

Stripes Or Solids?
  • It all comes down to what you like!

Solid Patterns work better for awnings with angles, curves, and cut outs. Striped Patterns work great for matching because there are multiple colors in the pattern to match your home. The quality of the fabric is the same for both a solid and striped pattern.

We hope these tips will help assist you on deciding your awning color! Please contact Country Canvas at 724-228-2707, if you would like to see some samples.

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