Extend and Enjoy Your Living Space!

Country Canvas Awnings are made from beautiful fabrics which keep you out of the rain and in the shade. Add to your living space, accent your home, and save on cooling costs—all at the same time! Our staff is experienced and helpful in helping you choose the best type of awning that will both enhance your home and make the most of its outdoor space. We use the finest quality fabrics for the utmost of confidence that you will be satisfied with our custom designed awnings. Please see our residential gallery HERE to see our past projects.

 Country Canvas Residential Awnings

Country Canvas Awnings Serves Residents in Bethel Park, Bridgeville, Cecil, Eighty Four, Mt Lebanon, North Strabane, Peters Twp., South Fayette, South Park, South Strabane, Upper St Clair, Venetia, Washington (PA)

Country Canvas Awnings Offers Only Top Quality Products, Services & Benefits, for You & Your Home!

  • Solid Fixed Frame & Fittings are Custom Built by Our Experienced Craftsmen
  • Cut & Sew Awning to Custom-Fit Your Home
  • Included Rafter Flaps & Reinforcements Cover More Bar, & Add Life to Your Awning.
  • Prevent UV Damage to Your Outdoor Furniture & Carpeting (Providing Additional Protection to Your Investments!)

We're a Local, Full Service Company

Winter Service

We look forward to dedicating our time to working with you! Our experts help you select the best pattern, color and style of awning that best matches the architecture of your home and your personal style! Let our experienced staff at Country Canvas Awnings provide you with a professional, onsite evaluation and color consultation.

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